"Connected To You"

Toba products are presented to be able to always connect to the community, the natural surroundings and the Creator so as to create balance, happiness and joy.

About Us

Toba is a New Zealand beverage and snack brand established in Invercargill Southland. Products that bring happiness, joy, togetherness, enthusiasm, warmth, excellent service to customers and good connections to all communities.
Value 1
Strengthen friendship by enjoying Toba products together. The main color orange reflects enthusiasm and joy and shows the warmth that Toba wants to convey to customers. The secondary color green is identical to the color of nature which hints at growth, fertility, generosity and health.
Value 2
Products delivered to customers can strengthen friendships in a community that can be enjoyed through Toba products, and complement each other so as to create balance, happiness and joy.
Value 3
The simplification of the sliced shape of the kiwi fruit, which has the meaning of freshness and unique fruit from New Zealand, as well as the meaning of smile in kiwi fruit, wants to convey smiles and happiness in enjoying Toba dishes.